Secrets Unleashed

Due to popular demand (naaaks hihi), here's the recipe of our top 2 dishes in the recent Parent & Child Cook-off. Dishes were judged based on taste, affordability, nutritional value, and originality. It was also a plus for the judges if and when the dishes would be appealing and enjoyable for kids.

The winning pair is a father and daughter tandem, Architect Perfecto Francisco with grade 2 student, Gianna. They prepared a very hearty Pumpkin Soup plus a surprise Apple Cartwheel. The dad made the soup while it was the cutiepie daughter who prepared the other dish - loads of gooey and yummy filling stuffed in the middle of an apple (as seen in photo above) - creative and definitely yummy!

Businesswoman and grandma Mrs. Amelia Pascual with grade 5 student, Akiera bagged second place. Their dish had all the good stuff you will get from a legit Mexican tortilla, but a plus with the surprise of a mix of vegetables a child wouldn't eat on any normal day. It was definitely a good, yummy, and appealing way to serve veggies to youngsters, which they would certainly enjoy too, of course. Mrs. Pascual even admitted that she only invented the dish the night before the contest. Their originality and tactic really worked for their team.

We hope all you mothers (and fathers) out there will find these dishes helpful. Thanks to our contest winners for sharing their recipes with us. Until our next cook-off!

SICAC Nutrition Month 2013

Nutrition is a very important value that we should instill in our kids. But in a modern world where they would easily choose Doritos over a piece of fruit for snack, or Mcdonald’s over a veggie dish for lunch, how do we make children understand and experience proper nutrition?

July is Nutrition Month and SICAC definitely celebrated it with fun and a whole lot of application and learning! With this year’s theme – “Gutom at Malnutrisyon, Sama-sama Nating Wakasan,” here are our series of activities for this month:

 We conducted a medical check-up and we are blessed to have with us the Chief Resident of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, a graduate of SICAC (Kiddie Centrum back then), Dra. Dyann Soriano. Most kids were excited to meet the doctor, while some of them were a bit scared, asking me every now and then if there will be an injection. How cute are they? We are thankful that all our kids our perfectly healthy. Thank you Dra. Dyann!

Elementary students designed their doors to spread awareness. From recycled materials, to natural greens, from stuff you’ll find at home, to individual works of art, they showcased their group’s interpretation of this year’s theme. We would like to give all students, and of course, their teachers, a pat on the back for a job well done!

What would Nutrition Month be like without a cooking activity? All our students prepared simple, but fun and nutritious snacks – all of them super yummy and fun to make!

Our students also enjoyed a series of simple games – NutriGames!

Our students also participated in different contests such as Essay Writing and Poster Making for Elementary, plus Coloring and Arts & Crafts for Pre-school. Congratulations to all our students!

Aside from these activities, SICAC students were also required to include in their baon specific types of food on certain days of the week in the whole month of July. This is to further emphasize the importance of adding a nutritious element in every meal. We celebrated Milky Way Mondays, Tutti Fruity Wednesdays, and Veggie Tale Fridays!

It’s Season 2 of our Parent & Child Cook-Off. All entries this year were all good and I’m sure all other mommies were able to pick-up a new recipe or two. We also conducted our very first NutriJingle contest and our students definitely made great jingles advocating our theme! And who will forget our cute pre-school students in their costumes? They dressed up in Go, Glow, and Grow food outfits! Thanks and congratulations to all our parents and students who joined us in our culminating activity :)

Now, who said eating healthy can’t be fun and won’t taste good? It’s always best to understand the importance of proper nutrition at an early age so let’s continue to advocate good and healthy eating to our kids by adding nourishing elements in every meal. Happy nutrition month from your SICAC Family!

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"Excellence is not a goal, it's a lifestyle." This is what our school holds on to. It's not just aiming for excellence, but being our best at all times. We aim to always be excellent for we are serving an excellent God. From the staff and the students, we believe that God is our standard, and He is ultimately the one who holds us.

Enrollment for School Year 2013-2014 now going on! Complete pre-school and elementary levels. 30% discount for incoming grades 6 & 7!

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SICAC Middle School Heroes

Do you know that the middle school teachers are the most important in any school?

Middle school teachers make the grades 4-6 ready for high school. They teach us advanced lessons so that we would not have a hard time adjusting to the high school life. With us, the middle school students, it's not just about teaching the lesson anymore. Aside from that, they also see to it that they instill readiness to learn and character of diligence every day for this is the stage where we need to be prepared for the next big chapter of our lives. With this, they also help hone our attitude and behavior, helping us to be more mature and equipped. They help us enhance our skills and talents, and consequently, they encourage and help us to build our confidence. This is also very important when we leave our comfort zones and enter high school. They may be strict sometimes, but just for us to learn from our mistakes. They teach us tips and new techniques so that we will not find our lessons hard. We appreciate them for always doing their best to make us learn and understand the lessons.

Middle school teachers are responsible, caring, and loving. They discipline us because they love us. They especially don't want us to get it trouble. Our middle school teachers strive and work hard every day. They may scold us sometimes, but they also never fail to make us smile. Sometimes, when we don't understand the lesson, we know that they would never think twice about guiding us and making sure we get it. We may think that we're already big enough to handle ourselves, but without our middle school teachers, we realized that it's not possible.

We love you middle school teachers! We support you! Thank you for being good teachers and heroes of our school. We are all your biggest fans. Without you, we cannot graduate elementary. Thank you teachers and we love you!

Article written by Francis Caragdag, Spade Dimaano, Kesiah Esponilla, and Matt Soriquez in celebration of National Teachers' Month 2012.

SICAC Primary School Heroes

What do you mean by "Our Teacher, Our Hero?" As they say, teachers are our second parents. For the many hours we spend in school everyday, they are the ones who look after us and guide us not just in academics, but in many different aspects of life as well. They teach us about discipline, they build us up spiritually, and they always remind us to have fun. These are all traits of our wonderful teachers from the primary school department and here in SICAC, they are our HEROES - Teacher Jocelyn Antonio, Teacher Vevian Bona, and Teacher Angel Marquez.

T. Jo is the one handling the grade 1 pupils. She is a very good teacher as she always encourages the students to be disciplined. Although some of the students call her "strict," we know that she just wants to teach us what's right. She's probably one of the most diligent people we know since she more often that not stays in school overtime just to finish her work. To add to that, she is a good and Godly teacher and we truly thank God for her.
The Grade 2 adviser is T. Vevian. Just like T. Jo, she's a good and diligent teacher. From the short while that we've been with her, we've seen that she is really good in what she does. She is good in teaching Filipino and very effective in organizing school programs. T. Vevian never fails to encourage us to excel in our studies.

Last but not the least, T. Angel. handles the grade 3 class. She is very funny. A day cannot go without her laughing and making her pupils laugh as well. T. Angel is very good in teaching MAPE. From teaching instruments to guiding us in exercises, she truly is the best person for the job. Not only that, she never forgets to have fun - making us laugh and sharing jokes - while she's at it. No school program is complete without T. Angel teaching us dance numbers and other presentations.

We are very grateful for these 3 teachers for all they have done for us and our school. They are the perfect dose of discipline and fun that we need everyday. We hope that we can spend more years with them.

Happy National Teachers' Month!

Article written by David Caoile, Celshane Celorio, Bryle Kuan, and Ethan Tan
in celebration of National Teachers' Month 2012, "My Teacher, My Hero."

SICAC Pre-school Heroes

Probably the most challenging and difficult department to teach in SICAC is the pre-school. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to impart knowledge and love for learning to very young minds. We are very fortunate and thankful that we have the best fitting teachers for our pre-school, our two very talented, able but humble "B" tandem - Teacher Beth and Teacher Belen.

Teacher Beth disciplines her students. But as a pre-school teacher and a loving mother, she disciplines with love, that's why her students adore her and are inspired by her. We have interviewed one of the students in SICAC and said, "Since we enrolled at SICAC, we've seen how creative she is in handling her students with different personalities and weaknesses. And for years, her dedication and passion to teach yields a great harvest." Because of Teacher Beth, SICAC greatly improves each year with success.

SICAC is excellent in promoting quality education and Teacher Beth has proved that herself by being an example and being true to what the SICAC emblem means. Just like a true SICACian, she is Godly, nationalistic, respectful, and with good values.

Another boy said that "Teacher Beth has planted a seed in all students." Because Teacher Beth understands that the formative years is the most important years in a child's life, she sees to it that seeds such as value for education, love for family & friends, and God's word are all rooted firmly in a child's heart so that, "each student will be a great harvest," the boy continues.

Many also say that Teacher Beth has a great future to look forward to. As one girl said, "Teacher Beth disciplines her students very well and shares the word of God at the same time. She has always been faithful and always trusts in God. I can see that she and her school will have a bright and successful future!" Because she loves and obeys the Lord by always sharing the word of God to all students, we know that God will bless her abundantly and grant all her dreams for SICAC. Since Teacher Beth loves sharing the word of God, we know that God will bring to SICAC more and more students so that she will have more children to reach out for God's glory.

Teacher Belen is very responsible and disciplines her students very well. She has always been there for her students to watch and guide them. One of her students said that, "She is good when she disciplines - she shows respect." Teacher Belen shows that one doesn't need to be too strict when disciplining pre-school students. You just need to talk to them properly and give respect even to the smallest and youngest of her pupils and they will follow. Teacher Belen enjoys teaching her students and she never forgets to have fun with them.

Teachers are God's gift to us. Although we may not always realize it, they are always patient and loving towards all students. And although we don't always show it, we, as students, love and appreciate them very much. The work of a teacher is never easy, and we salute all SICAC teachers for their dedication and passion for teaching and loving us all.

 Article written by Marionne Biliwang, Railey Flores, Rovi Medina, & Psalm Rosario in celebration of National Teachers' Month 2012, "My Teacher, My Hero".

Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2012

Ang Agosto ay Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa. Ang tema para sa taong ito ay, "Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Paka-Pilipino." Maraming isinagawang paligsahan at gawain na nagbibigay halaga sa ating pambansang wika. Iba't ibang paligsahan gaya ng paggawa ng poster at sanaysay, maging ang paligsahan sa pagkwento at pagtula ang naganap. Ang pinaka aabangan naman na paligsahan sa lahat ay ang sabayang pagbigkas kung saan halo-halong estudyante mula sa iba't-ibang baitang ang nagkaisa't nagsagawa ng kanilang pagganap. 

Panoorin ang video ng ating selebrasyon dito :)

Worship Time

We held our 2nd chapel service yesterday and this time, students took the lead. It's a delight to see our students step up to be leaders and to be used as instruments to lead their school mates to worship God! From the playing of instruments and singing, to scripture reading and prayers, all of them really stepped up in their service to God. It was an amazing time and we're looking forward to see the rest of our students have this amazing privilege and experience as well.

Towards the end of every chapel service, students are asked to write down their prayer requests. It's heart warming to witness childlike faith like theirs and our only desire is for these students to grow more in their faith and develop a loving relationship with Christ our Lord :)

We would like to acknowledge Ptr. Arnel Esponilla, one of our parents, for gracing our chapel service and sharing God' word to our students. Your life is a blessing and we declare abundance for you and your family!

Nutrition Month 2012

We thank God for the successful Nutrition Month celebration. Our theme for this year is, "Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain."

Various activities and contests were conducted such as poster making, essay writing and Pinoy Henyo tournament for elementary, singing and painting contests for preschool, cooking activity for all levels, and our very first parent and child cooking contest. Students were also encouraged to bring specific types of healthy food for their baon such as milk, fruits, and vegetables. This was a great way of raising awareness and appreciation for proper nutrition in our students.

The students really enjoyed their cooking activities. Our pre-school students prepared fruit salad. Grades 1 and 2 enjoyed their vegetable salad. Grades 3 and 4 were challenged with their pizza with vegetables toppings but were very proud of the outcome. Last but not the least, grades 5 and 6 enjoyed cooking and eating their malunggay pancake! Truly, delicious food doesn't always need to be unhealthy and we are very happy that our students were able to witness and experience it first-hand.

We also thank God for the successful parent and child cooking contest. We had a total of 11 participants and we would like to thank and acknowledge all of them for preparing outstanding dishes. Congratulations to all our contestants and especially to our winners!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our activities and congratulations to all our winners! Happy Nutrition Month!

Then and Now

 Before our school became SICAC, we spent about 3 decades as KIDDIE CENTRUM, focusing on our pre-school course.

At the right is a picture of Kiddie Centrum's marketing material back in 2006 and below is our current marketing material featuring her niece and cousin, both studying in our school.

We will forever be grateful to our God for being with us during those years, and for allowing us to grow and extend our territory, honing students and making them ripe for harvest.  

SICAC's Great Harvest

Plant your seed in good soil, and you will reap a great harvest.

When you entrust your child in the right soil during his formative years, he will be molded and developed to his full potential, surely to reap academic excellence in harvest time. SICAC has been around for 6 years now and have promoted 3 batches for high school already. We truly thank God that our graduates continued to excel in their high school education.

This is Luke Soriquez from batch 2010.
He is now at the top of his class and Third Honor student of his batch in Don Bosco, Makati.

And this is Justin Medina from batch 2011.
She is the Second Honor student of her batch in Paranaque Science High School.

We have just promoted our 3rd batch of graduates this 2012 and we are confident that they will continue the legacy of our school. We are looking forward to sending out more students with the SICAC standard of academic excellence and christian values. To God be all the glory!

Our class valedictorian for Batch 2012 is Mark Suyat,
to take his High School education in Paranaque Science High School as well.

SICAC Pre-school

Our pre-school students do not merely recite or sing the alphabet, they can actually blend sounds and read. With the right teaching methods, our 3 and 4 year olds are able to read phrases and even long sentences.

Our method is not to make the student memorize the alphabet, but build the foundations of learning that he can use and apply as he enjoys and learns how to read.

Pre-school levels are personally handled by Teacher Beth Soriano, owner and CEO of Southfields International. We encourage you to visit our school so we can evaluate your child for readiness. If you want your child to be ahead of most kids his age, come to our school and we guarantee a noticeable difference in your child that you won't get from any other pre-school course. 


Our Key Verse

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  - Proverbs 22:6

Our Mission Vision

Southfields International Christian Academe Centrum provides quality education that is dedicated to developing every individual's God-given gifts, molding excellent Christian character and empowering students, teachers and staff to a globally competitive standard for a much greater harvest. 

Our  Pillars and Core Values

The SICAC Pillars and Core Values are the convictions that support and empower the purpose of SICAC, providing stability, certainty and a strong foundation in achieving it.

1. Lordship of Christ
2. Academic Excellence
3. Character Development
4. Social and Ecological Engagement
5. Values-based Leadership (love, readiness to forgive, courage, respect, and integrity)
6. Evangelism
Our Methods
Aside from our regular classroom lectures, we encourage learning through...
 Hands-on Learning Experiences

Educational Field Trips

Art Appreciation

Free Guided Play

Physical Fitness Exercises
Social Awareness through Current Events